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Shaping Lives, Saving Lives
Exploring Offers More Than Just Career Training

You’ve heard me talk before about how Exploring is a vehicle for growth for our organization, along with serving its primary purpose of helping Explorers grow their skills and reach their full potential. It is successfully serving this growth purpose; participation grew by 7 percent in 2016, which is very exciting. But I’m especially encouraged about the impact this program is having on its individual participants.

Wednesday, Jul 19th - Friday, Jul 28th


Jamboree Shoulder Patches
Who is excited for the 2017 National Jamboree?  The French Creek Council is thrilled to show off the design for the Council’s Jamboree Shoulder Patch Set.  The patches are here and ready for sale.  The red borders are beind restricted to our council's jamboree contingent and will only be available after the Jamboree if any are left.  The black border sets are $25 each set and can be picked up at the Scout Service Center in Erie, or ordered by calling...
Friday, May 26th - Monday, May 29th
Saturday, May 27th

Support Your Scouts

Ways to Support Scouting
  We often hear from people about their childhood experiences in scouting and how it made a difference in their lives growing up and shaped who they are today.  Usually people will then say something like “I wish I knew how to give back” or “I would like to give back but don’t know how.”  Well there are many ways that people can contribute to scouting and help make a difference.   Here are a few. Donate money to...


Come to CTSR this summer
Come to Custaloga Town!  Registration is open fo rthe the Summer 2017 Sessions.  For more information please visit our registration page:  Boy Scout Resident Camp 2017 or Cub Scout Resident Camp 2017
Friday, May 26th - Monday, May 29th
Wednesday, Jun 7th

District News & Events

Chief Kiondashawa

Life to Eagle Rank information

Power point information from Kenda Hoovler's roundtable presentation at February 2014 Roundtable concerning Life to Eagle advancement.

Saturday, May 27th

Colonel Drake

Cub Scout Sign Ups
Titusville, Venango, Clarion and Forest Counties

If you are looking to find a Cub Scout Pack near you in Clarion, Forest, or Venango County this is the place to look.

Saturday, May 27th

Oliver Perry

Seawolves Sleepover
June 23rd at 7:05 pm the Erie Seawolves will face off against the Bowie Baysox. Ticket Options: Package A - $9 per ticket. Includes your seat, a patch, and the Seawolves will donate $2 to French Creek Council Package B - $14 per ticket. Includes your Upper box seat, hotdog, chips, drink, and the Seawolves will donate $2 to French Creek Council. Tickets should be ordered by JUNE 9th to guarantee your seats! The Plan: Come watch the game and enjoy a hot dog or two. Meet C. Wolf....
Saturday, May 27th

Washington Trail

Saturday, May 27th