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On-Line Registration

Custaloga Town summer camp registration is going on-line.

Registration and merit badge sign-up are now on-line. We have piloted the system with a couple units, and think we have most of the big bumps worked out!!

Here are a few of the things we have learned that will effect you as you use the system.

First IF you have not made a deposit and reserved a campsite, either by rolling over your last year deposit, or mailing it in to Sue, you will need to log in and make a reservation and deposit.
There is a little bump we have found that is because of the way the French Creek Council handles things. So IF you are going in for the first time please do the following:
complete the contact information, pick the campsite you desire, and sign up two (2) youth (NO More). Proceed to check out and the system will say you owe $50, the deposit.
You can exit, or you can immediately go back in by clicking the "Look at my registration" link.

Now if you have been registered it is the process is the same.
You can now add as many Scouts and adults as you need (up to the capacity of the campsite).

This time when you check out, it will bill you the $25 per scout that is due on April 1. You can pay it,
or if your funds are such that your need to do it in installments, or closer tot he April 1 deadline, you need to check the "Mail payment in" option.

This will book all of those scouts and you can now schedule them for classes, enter rank, dietary needs, order T-shirts, etc.

You will also have an option to make a payment at any time, we require the $25 per person by April 1, but it through fund raising, grandparent gifts, etc you want to credit and scout payment and submit it you can using the "Make a Payment" option at the bottom of the screen.

New this year is the ability to order additional T-shirts, and order adult T-shirts, these will be ready for your upon arrival at camp. You will also schedule the Scout classes/merit badges. Click here for a worksheet to use to help the Scouts decide what merit badges they want to take.  You will immediately know if the class is full, and can make an alternative choice, classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. By monitoring the registrations, the staff will be able to decide if an additional class is needed, and can arrange it prior to the class being full.

You also have full access to all of the payment transactions you have made.Roundtable Rewards and Camperships will be applied by the Service Center as they are awarded, so the balance shown will reflect all of the credits applied.

Thank-you for your patience and understanding as we work our way through this transition.

The link to the French Creek Council - CTSR Boy Scout Summer Camp is

The link to the French Creek Council - CTSR Cub Scout Resident Camp is

Here is some of the common Questions and Answers we have so far.



October 23, 2013