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Thursday, Jun 14th
Thursday, Jul 12th
Family FOS Campaign

It's that time of year again, and we are beginning our 2013 Family FOS campaign with the new year.  Our District has had great success in our direct support efforts in the past, and this coming year will be no different. Our Finance team works diligently each year to raise the funds needed in order to support the Council with programming, purchases for our summer camp programs, training, and helping to keep the cost of our camp down. Units are urged to get their presentation information to Dave Lucas so we can start our campaign and year off on the right foot.

You can find the Presentation Request Form here, and/or email Dave Lucas with your info.

Thanks again in advance for your support of the District's efforts, and if you want to help us out as a presenter, email Brad and let him know.

December 12, 2012