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2013 National Eagle Scout Scholarships
Do you know an Eagle (or soon-to-be Eagle) who is graduating high school and entering college in 2013? The time has arrived for Eagle Scouts to apply for 2013 National Eagle Scout Association scholarships.

Up to $446,000 in scholarships are available for the following applicants:
• Eagle Scouts having passed the board of review on or before December 31, 2012.
• A graduating high school senior (
for academic and merit scholarships) or an undergraduate college student no later than completion of his junior year of college (for merit scholarships only).
• A NESA member.
The third requirement of NESA membership is new this year. If a new Eagle isn't currently a NESA member, he must first join the organization to be considered for a NESA scholarship. (Within the first six months of an Eagle Scout's board of review, a special one-year NESA membership is $20.) Read more information on the varying membership levels, and register as a NESA member here.

Investing in a NESA membership opens the door for an Eagle Scout to earn up to $446,000 in college scholarships.

The applications are now available at Applications are due December 31, 2012.
Mike Langer, Senior District Executive
December 12, 2012