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Rountable This Week



Roundtable is this Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 7 PM at Cranberry High School Library.

If you have not yet turned in your date for the Friends of Scouting presentation, please complete the form and bring it Roundtable Thursday night and give it to Clint Glover. If you do not have an exact date, please complete as much of the form as possible and let Dave know approximately when the presentation may take place. He needs to hear from every unit by Thursday, January 10th.

CHARTERS – Remember that the charters are due at the February Roundtable. The information packets will be passed out at the January Roundtable.


We will need to get those charters done ASAP! Again, if something comes up that you cannot attend RT, you ABSOLUTELY must get that charter packet from Mike Langer. The completed packet needs to be returned to Clint Glover or Mike Langer, NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 15th. You can do your charter on line but you still must get signatures so work on that now! Do not delay!


This week’s Roundtable will be the kickoff for the popcorn and peanut sale.  Your sales kits will be available then.  If you have not sent a commitment form into Susan Ericsson, there will likely not be a packet there for you unless you sold last year.    She will make up additional packets as there is a need for them, so please save me and yourself some sale time and get your commitment in by tomorrow.  Roundtable is Thursday.  There are new dates that are different than what was in the program calendar so please pay particular attention to the timeline.  We are trying to give you as much sale time as possible. 

Thank you for your efforts in the past and your dedication to the Scouting program now and in the future.  Susan Ericsson, Popcorn Kernel and Peanut ?



January 8, 2013