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How can you help the French Creek Council?

Each day the French Creek Council looks for ways to help save money. We have put together our Needs and Wants List so that if you can help save us money it will mean a better program for everyone. Take the opportunity to look over the list. Two things that are very important in the list... Whether it is a budgeted item (an item that we must purchase to keep the program running) and and annual item (an example would be things that we purchase for summer camp each year) so that camp runs. Below the Needed items is the list of Wanted items which includes items that we are looking for but do not require to keep running and as such don't look for these items as a priority. Please take the time to look through the list at your convenience and ask that your friends and family do the same. Every donation is appreciated especially those list as budgeted items. Please contact the Scout office if you need more information or have a lead on an item that the professional staff can help track down. 

Council Wants and Needs list

June 28, 2013