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Langundowi Officers and Executive Committee


Office Officer/Chairman Adviser
Lodge Chief Jarod Geertson Rob Hanes
    Duane Havard
Membership Vice-Chief Justin Northrop Mike Miller
Programs Vice-Chief Collin Bonner Steve Bier
Lodge Secretary Jonah Hubauer Bonnie Hubauer
Lodge Treasurer Gabriel Rhodes Ray Page
Trading Post Darlene Eakin
Lodge Chaplain   Don Capan
District Representatives    
Oliver Perry   David Bonner
Col Drake   Marty English
Chief Kiondashawa Finn Morgan John Thompson
National Events    
Section Conclave   Michele Hanes
Activities Kyron Helmer Denise Geertson
Drum Team   Brad Beers
Publications David Lasch Scott Morgan
Camp Promotions David Lasch Scott Morgan
Elangomat Lucas Griffith  
Brotherhood August Lasko Shawn Northrop
Vigil Honor Jacob Clabbatz Todd Rogers
Service Nicholas Walters Bob Hall
Ceremonial Team Gage Helsel Richard Eakin "Deac"
Unit Service Steven Lasch  
Lodge Troop OA Rep Coordinator   Val Sisson
Dining Hall Steward   Ray Jones
Historian   Todd Rogers
De Un Da Ga Co-Chair (Food)   Richard Eakin "Deac"
De Un Da Ga Co-Chair (Registration)   Richard Eakin "Deac"
Flags   Michael Geertson
Nominating   {TBA} Daniel Myers "Thachter"


October 7, 2012