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Register now for the Spring Conclave!!!

May 2nd - 4th, 2014 - Spring Conclave (early bird deadline due by April 23rd)

Click here for the registration form.

Click here for the Officer Nomination form or on the link to the right for Administrative forms.


Got rhythmCome out to Spring Conclave and check out the drum team!


Click here for a blank Dues Renewal (if you haven't received one in the mail by April 1st - they were sent out 1st week in March)  If you need to fill out a blank one and wish to receive texts in the future about registration deadlines, etc., please indicate appropriately on the form.


Download or view the latest copy of the Langundowi Log !!!

          by clicking here or going to the link to the right under 2013-2014 Logs.


Section Conclave 2014 (Early Bird due by April 30th)  Click here for the registration form.

Section Conclave is at Camp Lavigne in Benton, PA hosted by Wyona Lodge this year.  It will have a Native American theme (Powwow oriented) and I'm sure it will be awesome and tons of fun!

For those of you who aren’t sure what Section Conclave is, Section Conclave is a yearly event that rotates between all of the lodges in our section.  The lodges in our section are Ah’Tic, Gyantwachia, Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont, Woapeu Sisilija, Wyona, and of course Langundowi.  There are games for youth (Golden Arrow games) and adults (Silver Arrow Games) to compete against the other lodges.  There are shows, training cells, patch trading, and lots of fellowship with brothers from other lodges.  There is also an election for the next year’s section officers and each lodge gets up to10 votes.  Only youth can vote and it’s in accordance with how many youth each lodge has in attendance.  To get our full 10 votes, we need at least 10 youth to go, so please sign up today and give us a better chance to have our lodge represented by a section officer position.  This event is tons of fun.  Print out the registration form today and send it in!



April 11, 2013