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French Creek Council Ranks #1 in the Nation
In Cub Scout Advancement

Congratulations to Advancement’s “Top 10 Percent”* Councils

Based on June 2013 Journey to Excellence data, spotlighted are the top 10% of BSA’s councils in Cub Scout and Boy Scout advancement rates. (Note: To be a Top 10% council in Cub Scouting required advancement of at least 76.4% of traditional registered Cub Scouts. The mark for Boy Scouts was advancement of 29.1% of traditional registered Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts.) A special shout out to the following six councils that made both lists: Arbuckle Area, Monmouth, Colonial Virginia, French Creek, Mecklenburg County, and Central New Jersey.
*As of press time there were 283 councils in the BSA. The Top 10 Percent thus includes 28 councils.


November 11, 2013