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Lowes Eagle Project Grant

Eagle Scout MedalDuring 2012, more than 3,000 Scouts received $100 grants for their Eagle Scout service projects through the generosity of the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation. The BSA is pleased to announce that the foundation has offered to continue its support with a similar number of grants beginning in July 2013.

This year, however, the Lowe’s service project impact grants will take a different approach. Most importantly, the $100 Discover gift card grants will be mailed directly to Eagle Scout candidates. Local councils need only select the Scouts to receive the cards, and then, through a council-designated volunteer, follow up to see that participating Scouts submit their required reports. Local councils will not receive the cards and will have no responsibility to record or distribute them.

As the Scout recipients are submitted, the Advancement Team will send the gift cards directly to the Scouts.

We’ve done our best to anticipate your questions and to provide the answers. To learn more, please visit the new Lowe’s project website at If after your visit to the site you need more information, please send a message to


August 23, 2013