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Training makes Scouting safer
Take time to get trained!

Scouting is a great program for youth to learn skills and become better citizens, but did you know that the best units are the organized ones and with organization comes training that is available for leaders and youth. Required trainings such as Basic Adult Outdoor Orientation for Cub Scout Leaders, (Baloo) Outdoor Webelos Leader Training, (OWL), and Scoutmaster Outdoor Training are all just around the corner. All these training are required if you plan to take your Scouts on an overnight activity. Youth Protection is required for every leader in the French Creek Council and must be renewed every two years. This can be done on-line, at some of the Roundtables or in person at a unit parents meeting. Contact your District executive if you have questions about this training to get on board. Every youth deserves a trained leader and if you are trained, you are prepared to give your best for the kids. Don't short cut the program and avoid basic training. many of the trainings are available on-line. Watch the Prepared and Training section of the Website for upcoming trainings and get on line today.  

May 13, 2014