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Community Service

2014 Update:

A big thank you goes out to all Scouts, Scouters, Parents, and Family members who participated in service projects throughout 2013. The challenge from the District to the Scouts was to do an extra 1,000 hours of service in 2013 (based on 2012's hours). When all was said and done the Oliver Perry District completed 11,324 hours! To put that in terms of the impact on the community...that's the equivalent of $241,531 worth of work. Scouting benefits greatly from the positive actions in the community, and service is one of the simplest ways to achieve that.

The winners of the 2013 Service Hours contest were Pack 571 and Troop 59. These units were presented with a special citation from Senator Sean Wiley on January 24th at the Legislative Breakfast. Honorable mention should be made for Pack 154, Troop 52, and Troop 54 who kept pace with this year's winners.

Going Forward:

As Scouts and Scouters we are expected to "Do our duty to God and our Country" and "To help other people at all times." One of the ways we do this is through giving service. Scouts complete a minimum of 13 hours of community service prior to their Eagle Project. Through their Eagle Project they organize others to provide an average of 100 hours of service to their community.

In addition, many of our Units perform other service projects throughout the year. These projects, as well as Eagle Projects, should be submitted through the Service Hours Website. This allows the French Creek Council to track our impact in the community and counts towards all levels of the Journey to Excellence Award (Council, District, and Unit). For Units to achieve the Gold level of service they need to participate in 6 service projects for Troops (4 for Packs) and record the hours on the Service Hours Website. NEW this year is that units must complete at least one service project for their Chartering Organizatio

So how are doing as a District in serving our community? For 2013 we completed a total of 11,234 hours (based on submitted hours). Approximately 49% of these hours came from 30 Eagle Projects. The other half comes from additional service provided by our Packs, Troops, Teams, and Crews. For some perspective; in 2012 and 2011, the Oliver Perry District completed 7,718 and 7,529 hours of service respectively.

Our goal for the Oliver Perry District in 2014 is to pass 10,000 hours of service again. While the goal is lower than what we achieved this past year, we FAR exceeded our goal in 2013. With approximately 3.5 hours from each Scout and Scouter, not including parents and other participants, we can easily exceed the 10,000 hour goal again. 

We will again hold a contest for units with respect to the # of service hours completed in 2014. Service hours must be submitted online to count. The awards will be presented at the 2015 Legislative Breakfast. I look forward to another great year of service.

Who's in the Lead: Updated 10/1/2014

Total Service Hours in Oliver Perry District for 2014:


1st - Troop 52

2nd - Troop 9

3rd - Troop 179


1st - Pack 37

2nd - Pack 104

3rd - Pack 164

January 1, 2013