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Friends of Scouting

As we wrap up 2016 I want to thank everyone who contributed to the Friends of Scouting campaign this past year. With your help and support we were able to reach our Family Friends of Scouting goal again this year.

Each year we face new challenges and improvements to the program. Donations through the Friends of Scouting campaign help support these expenses, the Scouting program, Custaloga Town Scout Reservation, and in general help to keep the cost of attending Council and District events to a minimum.

Last year's success helped the council cover unexpected costs, as well as fund some improvements to camp. In addition we are entering our 4th year without support from the Erie County United Way (a loss of $53,000 annually). Thanks to Friends of Scouting, as well as several community supporters, there are 126 new tents around camp.

I want to thank all those who made donations throughout 2016. Because of your generosity we reached our goal. This enabled us to keep the cost of 2017's District events from rising. The Oliver Perry District  raised approximately 56% of the Friends of Scouting money this past year. The district makes up about half of the council in terms of youth. This means that our long term goal of raising 50% of the Friends of Scouting money has been met...but it will take everyone's support to continue pulling our share. It costs ~$240 per scout to run the program each year, and every dollar counts!

If you've already made a pledge to this year's Friends of Scouting campaign we thank you and ask that you fulfill your pledge in a timely manner. If you missed your Pack or Troop's Friends of Scouting presentation, or just want to contribute to a great cause, please feel free to contact the French Creek Council office at 814-868-5571 to make your pledge. Questions can be directed to Jared Magoon at

December 17, 2012