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Merit Badges

New Badges:

 Mining In Society: The newest of the 135 merit badge choices, this elective badge will cover the basics of Mining and it's impact in today's society. Scouts will learn about the benefits of mining to society, local mining operations, different types of mining, and environmental aspects related to mining.


Sustainability: This badge will be an Eagle required option in lieu of Environmental Science. Scouts will learn about climate change, species extinction, resources extraction, green chemistry, recycling, and zero-waste manufacturing.



Programming: This badge will focus on the advancements in computer programming. Scouts will learn the basics of programming, its uses, etc.




Game Design: Including both traditional games and video games, this badge will give Scouts and opportunity to be creative, use problem solving skills, and test their planning abilities.



Changes to Current Badges:

Cinematography Merit Badge is now Moviemaking Merit Badge - Some requirements have been adjusted. See them here!

Cycling Merit Badge - Mountain biking is now an option

Coming Soon!:

Multi-Media: No info available

Scheduled for release: 2014

Signs, Signals, and Codes: This badge will cover American Sign Language (ASL), Morse Code, Braille, Signaling, Trail Markings, and other forms of communication.

Scheduled for release: 2014

Animation: Scouts will learn about animation through computer and/or traditional tasks.

Scheduled for release: 2014

Digital Technology: This will replace the “Computers” merit badge.

Scheduled for release: 2014

Advanced Computing: This will cover the next generation of computing.

Scheduled for release: 2014-2015

Computer-Aided Design: Teaching will cover how computer systems can assist in the creation, modification, analysis, and optimization of a design.

Scheduled for release: 2014-2015

November 5, 2013