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Important Things:

This section is new to the Oliver Perry website. Included you will find information about merit badges, Eagle Scout info, and general advancement topics. If you have any suggestions or ideas of things we could include please feel free to contact Jared Magoon at

Congrats to the 22 Scouts who earned the Eagle Scout Award in 2014!

2014 Eagles (In order by date of their Board of Review):

Ben Coyne (Troop 52)

William Claxton (Troop 53)

John Bateman (Troop 64)

Derek Jones (Troop 52)

Jacob Troutman (Troop 175)

Marcus Haeseler (Troop 82)

Daniel Wilkerson (Troop 54)

Adrien Fritzke (Troop 82)

John Miraszek II (Troop 9)

Nathan Kujan (Troop 59)

Erich Shuhart (Troop 133)

Kyle Reib (Troop 59)

Timothy Blount (Troop 53)

Jacob Dermis (Troop 79)

Andrew Sherman (Troop 57)

Zach Hyman (Troop 57)

Curtis Waidley (Troop 9)

Logan Ford (Troop 9)

Ryan Campbell (Troop 146)

Scott Taylor (Troop 52)

Corey Nadolny (Troop 133)

Sam Wetzel (Troop 54)

November 5, 2013