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Revised Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook Posted

The revised Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927, was published electronically on the Advancement Resources webpage at on May 20. Simultaneously, the previous workbook was removed and can no longer be accessed.

The revised workbook is not fundamentally different from its predecessor. It has been reorganized, some functionality has been improved, a few clarifications made, and a new document added for project beneficiaries. The key changes include:

  • EagleAll general information, including the “Message to Scouts and Parents or Guardians” and the “Excerpts and Summaries from the Guide to Advancement,” are now at the front of the workbook.
  • The “Contact Information” page is included with the proposal. Note the instructions at the top of the page indicate that only information that is reasonably required must be included.
  • Functionality has been added to allow certain information from title pages and the “Contact Information” page to auto-populate fields elsewhere.
  • Some tables have been added and functionality improved to allow appropriate fields to expand to accept additional text.
  • A “Project Description and Impact” section has been added to the project report.
  • “Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project, Information for Project Beneficiaries” has been added at the back of the workbook. The Eagle Scout candidate should provide this piece to the project beneficiary and use it for discussion purposes. Note there is now a check box on the proposal for the beneficiary to indicate that a copy of the document was received.

Scouts who have already downloaded and begun working with the previous version of the workbook must be allowed to continue using it, whether or not their proposal has been approved. A Scout whose proposal has already been approved using the original workbook may opt to use the “Final Plan,” the “Fundraising Application,” and the “Project Report” sections of the revised workbook. Scouts who have not begun working on their proposal must now use the May 2014 version of the workbook. Council or district advancement committees should use common sense and judgment, however, if Scouts submit former versions of the workbook. There is not much point in having Scouts copy everything from one version of the workbook to another.

Recommendations for changes or other improvements to the workbook should be sent to:

July 11, 2014