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Saturday, Dec 22nd
Monday, Dec 24th


Popcorn sales will be starting soon and we ask that every unit take advantage of this program for the French Creek Council. Popcorn sales help your unit and also helps the entire Scouting program in the French Creek Council. Kids that attend summer camp would have to pay from $25-$100 more if popcorn and Friends of Scouting money were not available to offset costs. Popcorn sales help teach salemanship to the youth. It is really tasty popcorn and you are actually not selling popcorn. You will be selling Scouting and people buying Scouting will get some popcorn for supporting Scouting.


Fall 2018 Popcorn Sale Timeline

Unit Commitment Form

If you didn’t get to training, ALL IS NOT LOST!  Just the 1% incentive.  Your packet can be picked up at the Roundtable on Thursday, August 9th, the Erie office anytime, or ask your District Executive.  The commissions are too good to miss and PEOPLE LOVE BOY SCOUT POPCORN!  Everyone can go down their neighborhood block and make some sales!

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July 20, 2018