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2017 Spring Product Sale is Here


1) Commissions

  • Each unit who sells NUTS keeps 37% of their retail sales as commission. This is an excellent return on your sale. No extra incentives are available. 
  • Base commission on POPCORN sales up to $2,599 is 33%. Bonus commissions are as follows:
  • $2,600 to $5,299 in Popcorn sales earns an additional 2% for a total of 35%.
  • $5,300 + in Popcorn sales earns an additional 2% for a total of 37%.
  • Those units that were represented at the Training events in August will receive the same 1% additional commission for their attendance. 

2)  Prizes

  • Combining Popcorn and Nuts sales amounts to determine prize levels is not permitted.
  • Every Scout who sells at least 15 NUT items will receive a 2017 Nuts for Scouting patch. The number of patches needed is tallied and recorded ordered on your Unit Order Form.
  • Every seller of POPCORN receives a prize of a patch or pin.  Starting at the $125 level of sales, a selection of other prizes is offered.  Ask each boy to make their selection from the sales brochure and shoot for that goal.  Note how many $650 level sellers and record it on the Unit Prize Order Form along with the boys’ prize selections. 

3) Dates  

  • Sale period begins February 10th and runs through March 16th.  Your paper unit order forms are due to the Service Center by March 17th even if you place the popcorn order online.  Fax or email works.

  • Final payment is due to the Service Center by May 12th.  Late payments are subject to a 1% penalty fee.

  • Hint:  As the Sale Chairman, when collecting orders from your sellers, give yourself some lead time to submit the paperwork to the Service Center.  Expect your sellers to give you their orders far enough in advance so that you are not scrambling to get everything together.  Who needs the stress?

Every boy has an opportunity to earn his own way!

Get them excited and prepared to sell Scouting to his family and neighbors


General Sale Information

Popcorn Specific Information

Peanut Specific Information

February 3, 2017