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Flagship City Trade-O-Ree

A Trade-O-Ree is an event & gathering where people buy, sell and trade Boy Scout memorabilia.  Vendors wishing to sell merchandise pay a nominal fee to obtain table space and set up displays, boxes and cases to sell memorabilia.  Some sellers focus on Council Strip Patches (CSP), others focus on Order of the Arrow (OA) flaps and memorabilia. Others focus on esoteric items like OA Sashes, rank insignia, trail medals, uniforms, pocket knives, camp patches, and other miscellaneous scouting items. Dealers with specific sales interests such as patch storage or patch displays may also set up a booth or table. Sellers include dealers and novice collectors with lots of dupes.

Do you have memorabilia taking up space in your house? Do you have patches that you’d like to part with? Interested in expanding your collection? Then the Flagship City Trade-O-Ree is for you.  Friday evenings tend to be the busiest and best time(s) to visit.

The Flagship City TOR is hosted by the French Creek Council, Washington Trail District. A session on Collecting Merit Badge will be offered to youth on Saturday morning. Food and beverages will be available for sale. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, feel free to stop out, attend and see what a trade-o-ree is all about. Bring your duplicate patches and swap some cloth.



August 19, 2015