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Klondike Derby 2013
Raid at Custaloga

Your unit is invited to attend the annual Washington Trail District Klondike Derby.  This year’s theme is entitled “Raid at Custaloga” and will have a Native American Theme.  The Klondike this year is being sponsored by BSA Troop 210 in Conneautville, Pennsylvania.  The following pages of information should help your unit prepare for the upcoming event.  If there are any questions, please feel free to contact, Alexander J. Flavin or Matthew S. Morgan, Youth Event Co-Chairs or C. Michael Miller, Adult Event Chair using the information below.  We look forward to seeing you there.


In Scouting Service


Alexander J. Flavin

Matthew S. Morgan

C. Michael Miller

Troop Instructor – Troop 210

Senior Patrol Leader – Troop 210

Assistant Scoutmaster – Troop 210

Youth Event Co-Chair

Youth Event Co-Chair

Adult Event Chair





Like any Klondike Derby all over the USA, this Klondike Derby is a traditional camporee format.  This is a time when Scouts show their skills and ability to work together as a team to overcome obstacles and challenge their skills.  Adult leaders are directed not to help or coach their teams during the events.  Each station or tribal challenge will have a rubric on how to judge all tribes using the same point system.  Due to the large amounts of participants three or four groups of Scouts may be completing the event, or events, simultaneously. 

Each tribal challenge will be at least 45 minutes long and the tribe will have 15 minutes to travel between the stations.  If a tribe completes all the activities in a tribal challenge before the 45 minutes have expired they can choose to compete in an Native American exercise or must wait at the station until time has expired.  At no time can a tribe leave the tribal challenge until the war horn has blown or a judge allows you to leave.  Any tribe that does leave early will have points deducted from the tribal challenge.

Native Americans most common form of passing traditions was using verbal communication so therefore each tribe will also be required to announce their tribe name, tribe number, & their tribe’s cheer before entering any tribal challenge area.  Failure to perform these could result in a scalping of points upon entering the station! All tribal challenges will focus on Scouting skills and be judged on three elements: Teamwork, Leadership by the Tribe Leader, and the Completion of the Task.


Registration Information

Pre-registration is important to running a quality event.  This can be done by sending in the Registration Form at the end of this packet.  A discounted fee of $10.00 per person is offered for those registering by the end of December (December 28, 2012).  The fee after that is $11.00.  The cost of this event is slightly higher due to the staff provided the food ingredients for the lunch station (see page 5 in this packet).  Due to the enhanced skills being tested there are no events for Webelos Scouts this year so please do not bring Webelos Scouts.


December 10, 2012

Washington Trail District