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Washington Trail District Fall Camporee
September 5 -7

The cost for attending the Camporee is $8 per Scout & $3 per Adult. These funds will buy patches, trophies for the event winners, and snacks for Saturday evenings Campfire.

The camporee program will include the following:

Scout Skills Morning

We are planning to have competitive stations for all Troops on Saturday morning. Please contact Jerry Hunter at if your Troop's adults would consider hosting a station for the Scouts. When we have all the stations finalized, we will send out the description of the stations by email.

Aquatics Activities              

In the afternoon, we will go to Conneaut Lake. Each Troop is responsible for transporting their Scouts, and canoes, to Conneaut Lake and back. Doug Mosbacher will reserve Fireman's Beach (at Conneaut Lake) for the afternoon of aquatic activities. We will make sure there is a qualified lifeguard on duty. There will be a raft race, two relay canoe races, one for Troop members and one for Troop adults, as well as an inner tube race for the Webelos groups that come with the troops.

Raft Race                              

The raft must be made of slab wood and poles lashed together with rope (no nails or screws are permitted). Some kind of flotation device is normally attached to the raft by ropes. This allows the raft to ride a little higher in the water. The exact design of the raft is left up to each Troop.  The design, however, must follow the guidelines of rope or bailer twine to hold the poles and slab-wood together and the raft must be polled through the water. The raft is to hold two Scouts at a time who propel the raft with poles. Each Scout attending will have an opportunity to compete. The raft should be put together by the Scouts prior to the weekend.  The smaller Troops will need to send some Scouts twice, so everyone gets to compete. Don't forget to bring your camera.

Download the Leaders Guide here

August 7, 2014

Washington Trail District