Cub Scout Resident Camp


Summer Fun in Our Neck of the Woods!

Cub Scouts are always excited for the biggest highlight of the warmer season: summer! The campgrounds are one of Scouting’s favorite haunts in the entire program, and where Scouts learn skills and have fun out in the woods with their friends.

Each year, our summer resident camp will have a unique theme that makes it a different adventure every time a Cub Scout attends! While the overall theme will change, we will still provide core elements of the camping experience that you can only find at a Scout camp.

The Fun of Resident Camp

Nature, shooting sports, Scoutcraft, waterfront fun, and more! The essential elements that make summer resident camp fun for Cub Scouts are founded in what makes Scouting great for our youth.

Shooting Sports on the Range

Shooting sports are one of the highlights of summer camp for Cub Scouts! Under proper supervision, your Scouts will be able to try their hand at a variety of different sports on our range.


Waterfront Fun

With access to the shores of Lake of the Woods, our summer resident camp is where Cub Scouts can make a splash and cool off in the summer heat! All swim activities are supervised by aquatics staff that are trained in Aquatics Safety by an Aquatics Director to ensure that our Cub Scouts are able to have fun in a safe environment.

Hikes into Nature

Camp McLoughlin has access to several hiking trails that connect Cub Scouts to the local wilderness of the Fremont-Winema National Forest.

Scoutcraft & Handicraft Fun

From knot-tying to whittling, Scoutcraft is all of the skills which Scouts learn as part of their Scouting adventure. Summer camp is where Cub Scouts will learn about using knives, axes, and other tools safely around themselves and others. Handicraft gives them the chance to bring home a keepsake of their time at camp in woodworking and leatherworking projects.